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complete in the ear
Completely in the Canal

*virtually invisible

* appropriate for mild
to moderate severe hearing loss

behind the ear hearing aid
Behind the Ear

* easiest to adjust

* recommended for most types of loss
and ages

* attaches to earbud or custom earmold

in the ear
In the Ear

* easy to adjust

* appropriate for mild to serve hearing loss

* Custom made shell

int the canal
In the canal

* less visible

* appropriate for mild
severe hearing loss
*variety of circuit choices that
previously required
a larger aid

on the ear
On the Ear

*lightweight with a micro-thin tube and tiny earbud for ultimate discretion

*appropriate for mild to moderate high frequency hearing loss


We offer a trial period that allows you to wear hearing aids to see if they are the right style for you and your type of hearing loss. If one pair is not right we will try another pair, once the first pair is returned.

We firmly believe that if the fit is not right then you will not wear them. An unworn hearing aid doesn't do anyone any good. That is why here at Wilson Hearing we are very meticulous on the fit of your hearing aid. We might even send it back the very same day to be remade.

There are many lines and brands of hearing aids out on the market today. Determining which aid is the right one for you is where we can help.

Here at Wilson's we work closely with the manufacturers and the technicians who will make your custom hearing aid. We except quality work from our manufacturers.

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