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Here at Wilson's Hearing Aids and Services you don't pay each and every time you come into the office, you might even receive something for free. Our service is friendly and helpful whether you are a current customer, a past customer, or a future customer. If your hearing aid was purchased from us there is no charge for programming or minor repairs if they are performed in our office.

If you aid is out of warranty, there is usually a charge if it has to be sent to the factory, but it comes back with a one year repair warranty. Occasionally an out of warranty aid has a small charge if a major repair is required, but it can be completed in our office.

If you didn't purchase your hearing aid from us, we will gladly try to assist you with getting information, repairs or suggestions to help you to get your hearing aid repaired.

Here at Wilson's hearing we believe that better hearing leads to a better quality of life. We also believe that customers will come and go, but friends will return time and time again. We invite you and your family members to become part of the Wilson Hearing family, where you always will receive quality services with a personal touch.
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