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  Not Working?Spin Doctor    
  • Cup the aid in your hand very tightly and if there is no whistling sound, then you need to change the battery.
  • Then turn the aid on and off. If you have a power delay, wait a few seconds and continue to hold in
    your hand to see if
    you get a whistling sound.
  • If that doesn't work: the receiver or mic might be blocked.

How to Cleantools

Take the tools shown or a soft toothbrush and brush the top and bottom of your aid.
(don't stick any objects into the mic on the top of your hearing aid as that could damage the mic.)
Not Loud Enough?

When was your last hearing test?
(Wilson's recommends a hearing test every 2 years)
When did you last have your aid adjusted?

  • Your hearing can still change after you received your hearing aid(s)
  • The receiver might be plugged. (Follow the cleaning guide instruction in the handbook that came with your aid)
  • Is your volume control set to the beep? (It might just be wax)
    If so please call for an appointment or stop by we will check your ears for wax with the endoscope

dry kit

  • Moisture can be a problem.
  • Use a dry aid kit to prevent moisture from getting into your hearing aids
  • Also leave the battery door open when not wearing your aids.
  • If none of the above you could have a defective part:
    You need to call for an appointment or stop by to let Mary examine your aids.
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